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Herman Cain: There’s no doubt in my mind that “the Hermanator” is the strongest communicator of any of the potential GOP candidates.  (Chris Christie is the only other person I see with a similar knack for speaking to the average American).  Additionally Cain has proven himself as an organizer, administrator, cheerleader, and all around executive in the business world.  The one area where he’s not previously shown an ability to excel is–unfortunately–politically.  Cain ran for the Senate in Georgia a cycle or so back and was beaten in the primary by the eventual winner (Sen. Johnny Isakson).

Things could well be different in 2012, however.  Since his loss to Isakson, Cain’s name recognition nationally has shot upwards–thanks in large part to his successful radio show and his early and high-profile role in the Tea Party movement.  Another obvious advantage to Cain is that he would have credibility in defending against the Left’s unscrupulous charge that the Tea Party (read: “conservatism-in-general”) is actually just racism.

I would have preferred if Cain would’ve run for governor this cycle.  My opinion is that he could have run away with the nomination and the election.  As they say, “if ifs and buts were candy and nuts…”

Sara Palin: Despite the relentless barrage of criticism levelled at the former Alaska Governor, only a fool would deny Palin’s skill at connecting with grass-roots conservatives.  In the past, Republicans have been far too infatuated with finding someone “electable” that he fail to nominate a candidate even capable of holding the base.   Palin would have no trouble here.

That being said, she still has to appeal to the marginally political as well.  While I think the “ditzy broad” image is something she could easily overcome.  (Honestly, everyone in America realizes that no matter who the GOP nominates, the Left is going to go after them as either stupid or Hitlerian.  Hell, they’ll probably accuse them of both simultaneously!  The upshot of the predictable slander, is that I doubt it has that much real effect on voting.  What could hurt Palin, however, is the fact that she bailed out of Alaska before her term was up.

In fairness, I can see the argument that the crap her family was having to go through made the work of running the state almost impossible.  I don’t blame anyone for wanting a little peace.  Yet if that was the real reason she had to leave the governor’s office, what will she do in the Oval?  I mean, you gotta expect that the barrage of criticism from the Left is not going to lessen when she’s in a more powerful role.

This is pretty obvious stuff, which leads me to think that Palin knows that as well.  If she does, then that raises the question of whether the decision to leave Alaska was as altruistic as she tried to make it sound.  I realize all politicians have to do a bit of pandering…but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.  Personally, I wish she had just come out and said, “I’m getting tired of this endless stream of pissants, so I’m gonna go make some serious jack!  Start campaigning like hell all over the country to shut ’em down!  And get ready to clear the board in 2012!”

Okay, This post is already getting longer than I had originally intended, so I’m going to stop here.  Next time, we’ll take a look at Bobby Jindal.  Also, I’m thinking that Pence, Paul, and DeMint may have gotten short shrift in my first post so I plan to write a bit more about each of them later.  Finally, I’d like to begin writing a little about some of the rising stars of the Tea Party movement.  I’ve got some ideas, but if you wish to recommend anyone, please do so.