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The other day on Fox’s 12 in 2012 series, I heard Jim DeMint make an interesting argument.  When asked how he felt about Mitch Daniels’ suggestion that conservatives “declare a truce on social issues,” DeMint said the following:

You can’t be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative.  A large part of the expansive government is to take…make up for a dysfunctional society because our culture’s falling apart…the family’s falling apart.

I’m not sure I agree with DeMint with regard to all social issues.  For example, I fail to see how supporting homosexual civil unions is connected to the expansive growth of government.  On others (e.g., abortion) I think he could make a strong argument.  I’m curious what you think about “the DeMint Doctrine.”


This blog is beginning as a way to indulge my passion for libertarian-conservative politics.  As I’m trying to learn all the ins and outs of WordPress while also trying to keep my head above water in this “summer of recovery”, let me be one of the first to jump the gun into 2012 by asking who you like that seems to be a legitimate possibility?

Though I would dearly love to see Chris Christie run, it seems highly unlikely.  He’s made a several blunt and unequivocal statements that he’s not running in 2012.  Ditto for Paul Ryan.

Of the remaining possibilities:

1.  Mike Pence:  Based on what I know of the congressman, I like him.  He’s a thorough social conservative…and what is perhaps even more rare, he’s a social conservative with an apparently solid record of fiscal conservatism too.  The downside:  he’s a congressman.  Historically, we just don’t elect Presidents straight from the House.  As far as I’m aware, he’s not held any governmental executive position prior.

2. Jim DeMint:  The senator has cajones.  You gotta respect that in anyone.  He was one of the first to openly break with the Party Establishment leaders and start embracing the Tea Party.  Additionally, I like his assertion that he’s got no interest in being part of a Republican Party that’s going to return to the big spending ways it embraced from about 1995-2008.  The downside, I don’t believe he’s ever served as a governmental executive.  Also, if the Senate remains closely divided going into 2012, do we really want to give up one of our few solid conservative senators?

3. Ron Paul:  Yes…he’s definitely got an “affable nerd” thing going on…but Paul is one of the most philosophical guys we’ve got in D.C.  He’s an idea man.  Even better, he has thought through the ideas he holds and will thoroughly explain (and tenaciously defend) them, if need be.  It would be refreshing to have a leader who didn’t need to check with pollsters to find out what he believed this week.  One of the biggest pluses for Paul is his advocacy for a sound and stable currency.  No matter what anyone says, while government meddling and spineless business practices played a huge part in our recession, I just can’t believe that a currency ultimately backed by nothing more than the good judgement and restraint of politicians is a very good idea.  Frankly, I’m surprised the system has worked as long as it has–and had it not be for Reagan, I suspect we would’ve faced this reckoning much earlier.

Next time:  Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, and Bobby Jindal