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Whether anyone chooses to openly acknowledge it or not, the 2012 race is now upon us.  With that in mind, I ran across an article at Red State that proposes some rather sweeping changes to the GOP nomination process.  While I don’t agree with quite everything in the article, on the whole I like it.  I’m in basic agreement that we need to slow the thing down and get rid of this ridiculous notion that we’ve only got about two months to vet candidates and then we need to have one selected, “so they can start focusing on beating the Democrats.”  That’s a bull-crap line used by the elites to try to run the dark horse candidates out before they have much of a chance to get their messages out.  Anyway, I don’t want to steal the thunder of an exciting article.  Here’s a taste of what you’ve been missing:

Who is in control of this process? Technically in charge is the national Republican Party, with the state GOP parties, state legislatures, and the national leftist media(yes, that’s what I said under my breath too!), all having a finger in the pie. As a practical matter, nobody is in charge. It’s a zoo, the monkeys are out of the cages, and they’re flinging poo at each other.

Seriously, the system is a complex system driven by multiple entities with often competing interests. All those groups have been allowed to grab whatever influence and control that they could get away with. The result is chaos, and that result would only by delightful accident produce a candidate satisfactory to the bulk of voting Republicans.

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