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Now that Christine O’Donnell has gone down in defeat, the prognosticators on both sides of the aisle will likely start trying to seize on this as a “told you so” moment.  In an effort to help prevent conservatives falling prey to such 20/20 hindsight, I’d like to register my continuing support for her candidacy.

Some will say that Mike Castle would’ve won.  Maybe so, maybe not.  Even if he had, though, what good would that have been?  Is there really a value in electing a Republican who will vote like a Democrat anyway?  If so, why even bother having two parties?  If we follow Reagan’s advice and offer the electoral bold color differences instead of pale pastels, then we must accept that sometimes the electorate will choose to go blue instead of red.  That’s life…we win some, we lose some.  At least now when the Delaware senatorial delegation votes for some left-wing agenda, the Democrats will bear the full responsibility.  The O’Donnell nomination–and yes, her loss as well–is one more bulwark against the Obama administration being able to push through horrible statist legislation and then, when it inevitably fails, hide behind the cover of said legislation having received the Holy Grail of politics:  bipartisan support.

The only thing Christine O’Donnell lost tonight was a Senate race.  She didn’t sell her soul; And in politics, that’s quite a victory indeed.