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Bobby Jindal: Nowadays, if you mention Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as  a possible candidate in 2012, you’re likely to hear groans of disbelief followed by references to his–admittedly lackluster, and “Howdy-Doody-esque”–televised response to President Obama’s first State of the Union.

Don’t get me wrong.   Jindal absolutely botched that speech, but does that really make him “un-presidential”?  More to the point, after four years of the eloquent Speech-Maker-in-Chief and his miraculous travelling road show of +10% unemployment, does anyone really expect oratorical prowess to be the primary quality Americans will want in their next leader?  There’s nothing quite like pandemic unemployment and the shuttering of businesses to cause a shift in the electorate.

I suspect we’ll get a taste of that shift in about a week.  If the new Republican surge in D.C. doesn’t shoot itself in the foot, and if Jindal continues to take care of business in Louisiana, he could be a very electable candidate in 2012.